Practical Courses

Equine Raindrop Technique

The Equine Raindrop is a modality that uses a combination of essential oils and body work to bring electrical balance and structural alignment to the horse’s body. This technique helps support and prevent a wide range of issues including combating sore backs, loosens muscles, supports arthritis, respiratory infections, laminitis, treats parasites, lyme disease and boosts immune system.

The Workshop Manual  explores the origins of the modality, a summary of ancient healing modalities and four comprehensive case studies. There are detailed chapters exploring the chemistry and constituents of essential oils, along with key information regarding the energetic frequency of essential oils which is vital knowledge for understanding why the ERT is so powerful.
The Workshop Manual and Online Training Module also provide a step by step user guide for performing the ERT as a foundation for you to explore the modality and expand it for the best outcome for your horse. Identification of the oils used in the ERT, the order of use along with their individual properties is also covered in significant detail. This includes how and when to substitute oils.

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