What is aromatherapy for horses?

Aroma therapy, also called Essential Oil Therapy, is the use of essential oils
to promote optimal health and aid recovery from disease. The therapy combines traditional knowledge with modern scientific thinking, offering a natural choice of relief for many common physical and behavioural problems in animals, such as allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders, laminitis, muscular strains, tendon and ligament sprains, respiratory infections, sarcoids, stress-related disorders, viruses and wounds.

Essential oils are an effective and gentle answer to many of today’s common equine health problems and although not an alternative to proper veterinary care, they can often bring relief where allopathic medicines hold no answer. Chronic skin problems, allergies, arthritis, Cushing’s Syndrome, stress related conditions and behavioural problems are just a few of the conditions that respond to essential oils.


 To use them successfully, however, it’s important to understand how these “gifts from nature” work. When properly used, Essential Oil Therapy is safe and non-intrusive. Horses enjoy the essential oils and you’ll enjoy helping in a way in which they can participate in their own healing, returning some autonomy to lives that are all too often in someone else’s control. 

This increases the bond of trust between horse and caretaker – an outcome particularly useful when there is a history of abuse or behavioral problems. Of course, there’s an another benefit as well– while you’re treating your horse, you’ll get a treatment yourself! Our online Course gives you the flexibility to study from home.

Whether you are looking to enhance your knowledge in looking after your own horses, integrate this therapy into your practice or you just have the desire to learn more about complementary therapies then this course offers you the study freedom to learn at your own pace. Just because you are learning from home doesn’t mean that you won’t be supported. With modern technology we are only an email or phone call away.